Foreign languages

Dean of the Faculty:I.U.Dilmanov 
phone:(+998-61) 229-40-96
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The faculty was founded in 1937 as faculty of Russian language and literature at the Karakalpak State pedagogical institute.In 1963  it was renamed   as ‘’The faculty of foreign Languages’’. The faculty has its rich history and traditions.  Some well- known scholars, academicians as M.Nurmukhamedov, U.Khamidov, people’s writer of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, Heroes of Uzbekistan T.Kayipbergenov  and A.Uteniyazov and  a number of  state figures graduated from the faculty. In 1990,when the pedagogical institute  was re-opened, the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature continued its work. Since 2000 the faculty had continued its functioning as the faculty of the Russian –English philology and since 2004 it had been again renamed as the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Since 1990 until 2017 the faculty had been headed by prof. Q,M. Koshchanov. doc B.Kh.Koshchanov, B.J. Shaniyazov, Ph.D. M.M. Abdullayev, doc. G.A. Khurbaniyazov, Ph.D D.J. Mamyrbaeva. From June 2017 up to date the faculty has been headed by the candidate of philological sciences, docent I.O. Dilmanov. M.Allaniyazova, N. Mambetaminov and B.Tursunbaev  are working as deputy deans. Currently, 81 teachers and  professors, including 1 professor, 2 PhDs, 11 candidates PhS.c and  docents at the  Departments  of  Russian language and  literature, Russian language and literature (in non. Russian groups), English language and literature and Interfaculty Foreign languages have been teaching  1053 students in Russian, English and German languages in all the faculties of the Institute.


  1. Russian Language and Literature
  2. English Language and Literature  
  3. Foreign Languages (inter-faculty)

Current trends in education:

  1. 5111400- Foreign language and Literature ( English language and literature)
  2. 5111300 – Native language and Literature (Russian language and literature)
  3. 5111300-Native language and Literature (in non-Russian groups)

Master degree:

  1.  5A111301- Native language and Literature (Russian Language and Literature  (magistracy)
  2. 5A111401-Foreign language and literature (English language)

International relationship Professors and teachers staff of the faculty uses their innovative pedagogical technologies and innovative teaching methods in their classrooms. Having been in the advanced line of developing  of new pedagogical  technologies, the development of international relations in education, they are  contributing  enormously   to the  cause of entire education. The faculty is collaborating with international funds from the United States, Great Britain, Russia, France, India and others.

It was a great pleasure to host at Nukus State Pedagogical Institute English Language Fellow Josh Gaston who is now currently working at Namangan State University. We are grateful for conducting two day training on Writing Assessment and how to assess it. We would like to express our gratitude for visiting Nukus and giving productive sessions.


The head of department of Foreign Languages Department of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute and an expert in ECVET conducted a seminar for ESP Teachers of the Department on Designing Units of Learning Outcomes in European Credit System for Vocational Educational and Training ECVET at ECVET National Training center of Nukus State Pedagogical Insttiute. All participants were awarded with the Certificates.

The staff of Foreign Languages Department of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute with the head of department Nargiza Babaniyazova met with Public Affairs Office John Brown, English Language Programs Coordinator Feruz Akobirov and Emma Wilbur Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program. Emma Wilbur will start to cooperation with the Foreign Languages Department and be involved in co-teaching program. We express our great gratitude to American Embassy for giving opportunity to have Emma Wilbur at our Institute.


The English Teaching Assistant Emma Wilbur started official visiting the lessons of Foreign Languages Department of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute for the purpose of observing and co-teaching. Emma Wilbur will be in our Institute for 2019-2020 academic year. This week Emma Wilbur attended the lessons of Senior Teachers Gulxan Seytova, Sarbinaz Kurbaniyazova and Gulyaim Bekbergenova. We would like to express our gratitude to American Embassy for giving a great opportunity to host the first the English Teaching Assistant Emma Willbur in the walls of our Institute.

Today was marked by official launching of the Speaking Club which will be led by affiliated to the Foreign Languages Department of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute Emma Wilbur(ETA) English language Assistant. The Head of Department Nargiza Babaniyazova introduced Emma Wilbur to partipants and wished good luck.

The collaborative work between Foreign languages department of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute  and American Embassy gave its results. The department was presented by books on Academic writing, Reading, Methodology etc. the total number of books equals 197 pieces and equipment (computer, TV, printer and DVD player) to support existing ETA (English Language Assistant), who has been working at the department since 1st November, 2019.