Foreign languages

photo 2018 10 23 00 35 42 - Foreign languages Dean of the Faculty: I.U.Dilmanov 
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The faculty was founded in 1937 as faculty of Russian language and literature at the Karakalpak State pedagogical institute.In 1963  it was renamed   as ‘’The faculty of foreign Languages’’. The faculty has its rich history and traditions.  Some well- known scholars, academicians as M.Nurmukhamedov, U.Khamidov, people’s writer of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, Heroes of Uzbekistan T.Kayipbergenov  and A.Uteniyazov and  a number of  state figures graduated from the faculty. In 1990,when the pedagogical institute  was re-opened, the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature continued its work. Since 2000 the faculty had continued its functioning as the faculty of the Russian –English philology and since 2004 it had been again renamed as the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Since 1990 until 2017 the faculty had been headed by prof. Q,M. Koshchanov. doc B.Kh.Koshchanov, B.J. Shaniyazov, Ph.D. M.M. Abdullayev, doc. G.A. Khurbaniyazov, Ph.D D.J. Mamyrbaeva. From June 2017 up to date the faculty has been headed by the candidate of philological sciences, docent I.O. Dilmanov. M.Allaniyazova, N. Mambetaminov, B.Tursunbaev and  Ph.D  N. Babaniyazova are working as deputy deans. Currently, 77 teachers and  professors, including 1 professor, 2 PhDs, 11 candidates PhS.c and  docents at the  Departments  of  Russian language and  literature, Russian language and literature (in non. Russian groups), English language and literature and Interfaculty Foreign languages have been teaching  911 students in Russian, English and German languages in all the faculties of the Institute.


  1. Russian Language and Literature
  2. English Language and Literature  
  3. Foreign Languages (inter-faculty)

Current trends in education:

  1. 5111400- Foreign language and Literature ( English language and literature)
  2. 5111300 – Native language and Literature (Russian language and literature)
  3. 5111300-Native language and Literature (in non-Russian groups)

Master degree:

  1.  5A111301- Native language and Literature (Russian Language and Literature  (magistracy)

International relationship Professors and teachers staff of the faculty uses their innovative pedagogical technologies and innovative teaching methods in their classrooms. Having been in the advanced line of developing  of new pedagogical  technologies, the development of international relations in education, they are  contributing  enormously   to the  cause of entire education. The faculty is collaborating with international funds from the United States, Great Britain, Russia, France, India and others.

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