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Dean: Dilmanov Ilya Orakbaevich
phone: (+998-93) 712-64-64
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  1. Brief Overview of the Faculty.

The faculty was founded in 1937 as the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature within the Pedagogical Institute. In 1963, it was renamed as the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The faculty has a rich history and traditions. It has produced renowned scholars and academics such as M. Nurmuhammedov, U. Khamidov, the national writer of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, Hero of Uzbekistan T. Kaipbergenov, A. Uteniyazov, and several other public figures. When the Pedagogical Institute was reopened in 1990, the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature continued its work. Since 2000, it has operated under the name of the Faculty of Russian-English Philology, and since 2004, it has been known as the Faculty of Foreign Languages. From 1990 to 2017, the faculty was headed by Professor K. Koshchanov, Associate Professor B. Khoshanov, PhD in Pedagogy B. Shaniyazov, Ph.D., Associate Professor M. Abdullaev, Associate Professor G. Kurbaniazov, and Associate Professor D. Mamirbaeva. Since June 2017, the faculty has been led by Ph.D., Associate Professor Ilya Dilmanov. The vice deans are S. Saparov, M. Allaniyazova, and N. Mambetaminov.

Currently, there are 70 professors and instructors working in the departments of Russian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, and Foreign Languages. Among them are 1 professor, 8 Ph.D. holders, 9 candidates of science (Ph.D. equivalent), who provide education to 1102 students. The faculty offers training programs for bachelor’s degrees in English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, and Russian Language and Literature (in foreign language groups). Additionally, in the academic year 2023-2024, the faculty has started the work on training specialists in the field of “Russian Language and Literature” at the master’s level.


  1. Departments of the Faculty:

Department of Russian Language and Literature

The Department of Russian Language and Literature was established at the Karakalpak State Pedagogical Institute in 1937. In that year, eight graduates received diplomas in the field of Russian language and literature. At the time of its establishment, the department had only two instructors. Over the years, the number of faculty members and students steadily increased until the 1990s. Graduates from the Department of Russian Language and Literature have made significant contributions to the development of education, culture, science, and economy in our republic. The department has a rich history and traditions.

Lectures to students were delivered by renowned scholars such as Academician M.K. Nurmuhammedov, professors N.A. Urumbaev, A.A. Azizov, G.D. Petrov, E. Berdimuratov, A. Umarov, L.B. Khvan, K.M. Koshchanov, as well as associate professors A. Dzhaksybaev, P.I. Senin, A.N. Sidorov, A. Turabaev, B. Khoshanov, U.Yu. Matkurbanov, Yu.Kh. Matkurbanov, Z.A. Shamuratova, and others. The department’s scholarly potential grew year by year. The faculty members of the department have authored many educational and methodological guidelines, programs, manuals, textbooks, and monographs. Among them, it is appropriate to note professors E. Berdimuratov, N. Urumbaev, A. Umarov, K.M. Koshchanov, and associate professors A. Dzhaksybaev, U.Yu. Matkurbanov, Yu.Kh. Matkurbanov, B. Khoshanov, T. Khalmuratov, Z. Shamuratova, N. Orymbetova, and G. Allamuratov.

Currently, the department has more than 18 teachers, including 1 professor, 7 candidates of science (equivalent to Ph.D.), 4 senior lecturers, 3 assistant lecturers, and 3 teaching interns. The head of the department is Aigul Khodjaniyazova, a candidate of pedagogical sciences and associate professor.

Department of English Language and Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature was first established in 1950 at the Karakalpak State Pedagogical Institute. Since its inception, many scholars and methodologists, such as Zh. Allamuratov, A.P. Rogach, M.O. Diment, I.P. Chukhmina, Zh. Lebel, N. Andrianova, A.A. Gurbanazarov, Zh.R. Khasanova, K.Kh. Kamalov, M.N. Madriyakova, S.Ya. Virva, S.Yu. Ismoilov, E. Bozorboev, B. Abdireymov, G.D. Melnik, A.V. Tyuney, N. Yuldashev, and R. Rzaeva, have made their contributions to the education of the younger generation.


Currently, the department has over 30 teachers, including 2 candidates of science (equivalent to Ph.D.), 5 PhD s, 2 senior lecturers, and 21 qualified assistant lecturers. The head of the department is Aliya Tajieva, a candidate of pedagogical sciences and associate professor.

Department of Foreign Languages

The Interfaculty Department of Foreign Languages has been operating at the Nukus Pedagogical Institute since 1954. The founders of the department were Zh.A. Allamuratov and graduates of the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute: P. Gurbanazarov, A.P. Rogach, M.O. Diment, I.V. Shukhmina, and D.Zh. Lebel.

The department employed several experienced instructors such as T. Dosanov, T. Ermanov, S.Ya. Virva, A.N. Rubleva, Zh.J. Urumbaeva, G. Boranbaeva, A. Bekmuratova, N. Kurtebayeva, and U. Iklasov. Throughout its history, the department was headed by K.A. Orazbayev, Ph.D., P. Kurbanazarov, K. Kiyasov, B. Shaniyazov, Kh. Jumanazarova, Ph.D. N. Khamidov, D. Berdimuratov, Ph.D. Zh.Seytjanov, associate professor A.Tajieva, and N. Babaniyazov. Currently, the department is headed by Ph.D. F.Kaipbergenova.

The department teaches foreign languages (English, German) to students of all bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs at the pedagogical institute. Every year, the department welcomes young, talented, and active faculty members, and at present, 21 instructors provide knowledge to the students. The department has 3 Ph.D. s, 4 senior lecturers, 13 assistant lecturers, and 1 teaching intern.


  1. Codes and Specializations of our Faculty:

5111400 – Foreign Language and Literature (English Language and Literature)

5111300 – Native Language and Literature (Russian Language and Literature)

5111300 – Native Language and Literature (Russian Language and Literature in Foreign Language Groups)


List of departments within the faculty:

  1. Russian Language and Literature
  2. English Language and Literature  
  3. Foreign Languages (inter-faculty)

4. The professors and instructors of the faculty utilize advanced pedagogical technologies and innovative teaching methods in their classes. They play a leading role in mastering new educational technologies and developing international connections in education. The faculty collaborates with international funds from the USA, UK, Russia, France, India, and other countries.


5. The full address of the faculty building and contact phone numbers.