Center for Information Technologies

Head of the Information Technology Center::

Allaniyazov Paraxat 

phone: +998 91 393 66 33

The Institute organized the “Information Technology Center” with the aim of expanding the use of modern computer and information technology in all scientific and educational departments.

The main areas of work of the center:

Compilation and maintenance of information and computer infrastructures at the Institute.
The introduction of information technology in the educational process, the creation of electronic libraries and management of the educational process on the basis of information departments.
Creating opportunities for faculty, applicants and students to use the Internet and scientific nationwide networks.
Maintain interconnection and conduct joint work with foreign and republican educational institutions on the problems of distance learning, on new information technologies.
Compilation of programs and tutorials on information technology and distance learning.
Seminars, conferences and meetings on information technology and distance learning.
Organize management over local networks of the institute.
Management and development at the testing institute together with MPO.
The use of new pedagogical technologies in the education system. For the implementation of distance learning, a base has been created in which 599 modern computers are used, united into a single local network.


Baltabaev Jaxangir Head of Message Systems Implementation Department
Jamalov Nurlan Network Administrator
Qayıpnazarov Iqlas Software Engineer
Masharipov Turdıbay Software Engineer
Ernazarov Murat Computer room manager
Qutlımuratova Dil’fuza System administrator
Tınıbekov Baxtiyar Software Engineer
Ibadullaeva Gulchexra System administrator
Eskaraev Talǵat System administrator
Pazılov Mirbek System administrator
Ayımbetov Rustem Software Engineer
Dosnazarov Murat Technical staff
Qulmuratov Quwanıshbay Network administrator
Primbetov Azamat Software Engineer
Karimberdiev Izzat System administrator