Qabul 2024

A well-known American scholar held a seminar-training in English at the institute

A specialist of the Centre of development of innovative methods of foreign language teaching at Uzbekistan state university of world languages, an American David Chiesa who works according to the programme Fullbright, held a seminar-training for the teachers of the Faculty of foreign languages of  Nukus state pedagogical institute.

At the seminar the American scholar shared his experience in teaching the language as a second language, development of students’ pragmatic competence, using dialogue journals with students and sociocultural aspects in language teaching.

David Chiesa studied at Santa Clara university for getting the Bachelor degree, in magistracy at Middleburry institute, then he did the scientific research work on the issues of training teachers in foreign languages, assessment of language skills in teaching the second language, and defended successfully the dissertation of PhS at Georgia state university.

The scholar worked as an English teacher in such countries as Japan, China, Mongolia, Cambodia and Thailand. He held the seminar-trainings in different regions of Uzbekistan: Andijan, Namangan and Bukhara.

The teachers of the institute and the scholar from a foreign country exchanged their experience at the seminar.


Islam Matekov,

Press secretary of NSPI.