The Republican scientific-theoretical conference devoted to the 80-th anniversary of Esengali Umarov was held at the Faculty of History and Geography

On November 7 there was held the republican scientific-theoretical conference on the theme «Geography –  sight to the future» at the Faculty of History and Geography, it was devoted to the 80-th anniversary of a professor, Doctor of geographical sciences Esengali Umarov. Teachers and students of higher educational establishments of the republic and those who were interested in science took part in it.

The conference was opened by the dean of the Faculty of History and Geography Doctor of historical sciences M.K.Saribaev. He congratulated Esenhali Umarov with his jubilee-the 80-th-year birthday and wished him success in his further work.

Then the Doctor of geographical sciences, professor Esengali Umarov delivered a speech with the report on the theme «The past, present and future of geographical sciences». At the opening session of the conference there were other reports made by the head of the Department of methods of teaching Geography PhD K.M.Djaksimuratov, teachers of the Department A.S.Joldasov, K.K.Uzakbaev and a 3-d year student A.M.Sharibaev.

A fter that the sections of the conference began their work. Teachers and students who are doing their first steps to the field of science with their scientific articles and thesis, exchanged their ideas and points of view taking part in the work of the sections. The gifted students, who have abilities to the scientific research work, listened to points of view and recommendations of Esengali Umarov with deep interest, they are ready to use them in practice in future.

The most actual issues and problems of Geography were in the focus of attention of  the conference and different points of view on the solution of these problems were given by the participants of the conference.

The most important thing is the students  expressed their ideas and creative points of view how to solve actual problems, what measures should be worked out to develop the science of Geography in practice.



An assistant teacher of the Department of methods of teaching Geography.