There was held the Republican conference devoted to the 85-th jubilee of Academician Jumanazar Bazarbaev

On November 13 this year the conference «A great scientist, wise and social personality» devoted to the 85-th anniversary of Academician Jumanazar Bazarbaev was held at the Karakalpak state academic musical theatre named after Berdakh.

There was an exhibition of the scientific-pedagogical and publicistic works, books and monographs of the Academician in the foyer of the theatre.

Then a feature film «A leader of science of wise thinking» devoted to the life and creative work of the scientist and social personality Jumanazar Bazarbaev, produced by the film studio «Karakalpakfilm» was shown to the participants of the conference at the theatre.

There was the scientific-theoretical conference devoted to the jubilee of the Academician. The rector of Ajiniyaz Nukus state pedagogical institute Bairambay Otemuratov opened the conference.

Then the head of the Committee of Jokargi Kenes  Dauit Kurbaniyazov read the congratulations on behalf of Jokargi Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the Council of Ministers. Then according to the agenda of the conference a Doctor of historical sciences, a deputy of Jokargi Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Maman Saribaev, a Candidate of pedagogical sciences, People’s teacher of Karakalpakstan Arzi Pazilov, PhD, a great poet Perdegaliy Dabilov made reports about the scientific-pedagogical and social activity of the Academician,  and the great personalities (aksakals), social leaders, foremost people and guests of the conference made a speech and congratulated the Academician with the 85-th jubilee.

As it has been mentioned, this year there is the 85-th anniversary of professor of the Department “National idea, spiritual bases and legal education” of Ajiniyaz Nukus state pedagogical institute Jumanazar Bazarbaev – a member of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Academician, Doctor of philosophical sciences, Honorary worker of science of the Republics of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, a laureate of the State Berdakh prize, an excellent worker of the Public education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, an excellent worker of Higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

He is well-known in the Republics of Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan as an outstanding scientist, a good organizer and devoted supporter of educational work. He is also known to the great philosophers of scientific centres of Central Asia and Russia.

Jumanazar Bazarbaev is the author of about 500 scientific publicistic works, among them more than 30 monographs, textbooks, methodical manuals, they are widely used by the people who are interested in the issues reflected in them. His scientific works are devoted to Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, History, Literature, Pedagogics and actual issues of  social-political life of the country.

In 1951-1955  he studied at the faculty of Chemistry and Biology of Karakalpak state pedagogical institute. After graduating from the institute with honours degree in 1955 he worked as a teacher in Philosophy. In 1963 he defended successfully a Candidate dissertation, in 1973 Doctor’s dissertation. In 1965 under his leadership a sector of philosophy was opened where the actual issues of people’s worldview from sociological point of view, philosophical ideas of classics of Karakalpak literature, sociological investigations of involving the youth into choosing the profession were discussed and studied. He opened the first school of Philosophy.

In 1971 he was awarded the academic rank of a docent, in 1976 – a professor of the university. In 1980-1988 he worked as the head of the department at Karakalpak state university, in 1989-1990 as the Minister of Public education  of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, in 1990-2001 as a rector of Nukus state pedagogical institute named after Ajiniyaz.

J.Bazarbaev was the first who organized the journal “Karakalpakstan mugallimi” in the field of education in Karakalpakstan in 1992, and he was a chief editor of this journal.

The Academician paid much attention to training pupils in the field of science. He was a supervisor of more than ten post-graduates who defended successfully Candidate dissertations.

His works are distinguished by their deep content and scientific cognition and they were awarded prizes. His book “Adeptaniu” written in co-authorship with Kirmizi Dauletova in 1996 was awarded the state Berdakh prize.  The conceptual programme “Pedagogics of Maverennahr”  written in co-authorship with A.Aleuov for the contest held under the motto «Maverennahr – a spiritual centre» took the first place in the international contest in Uzbekistan in 1992.

In 2012 the scientist took the 2-d place for his works «Philosophy of Ethics»  and a manual “Bases of spirituality”, the manual written under his leadership “Karakalpak Ethnopedagogics” was awarded the 3-d place in the contest “The best textbook and manual of the year” organized by the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education, Ministry of public education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the foundation “Istedod”, they were awarded the special diplomas.

His name was included into the book “Biographies of scientists of Uzbekistan” edited by the publishing house “Fan” of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2011.

The conference went on by the concert where actors and singers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and talented  students of Nukus state pedagogical institute performed.


Islam Matekov,

Press secretary of NSPI.