Meet the students of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute without entrance exams

According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan  №226 (Appendix 5) “About encouraging talented youth” the winners of international and republican Olympiads, competitions, festivals among the pupils of academic lyceums, vocational colleges, secondary schools have opportunities for entering higher educational establishments without exams.

This year 10 students have entered Nukus State Pedagogical Institute the faculty of Physical Culture without exams. They are:

1) Orazmukhamedova Makhim Аbdikarimkhizi – chess;

2) Radjapov Alisher Mukhadinovich – weightlifting;

3) Jamaladdinova Miyasar Ikramkhizi – weightlifting;

4) Uzakbergenova Zukhra Rasbergenkhizi – weightlifting;

5) Jarikaganova Mekhriban Аbilkasimkhizi – rowing;

6) Еsbergenova Оzoda Maksetkhizi – free-style wrestling;

7) Аyimbetova Dilfuza Orazimbetovna – free-style wrestling;

8) Jumabaeva Arukhan Abatovna – free-style wrestling;

9) Оrinbaev Ozod Parakhatuli – judo;

10) Yuldashev Sherzod Kamiluli – table tennis.


We congratulate all these students and hope that they will introduce our country to the world.