Qabul 2024

The Russian scholar, professor E.F. Shafranskaya gave a demo lecture to the students of the faculty of foreign languages of the institute

On November 14 the scholar of Moscow municipal pedagogical university, professor E.F. Shafranskaya gave a demo lecture at the department of Russian and literature of the institute on the theme «The reflection of the topic of Central Asia in modern Russian prose».

The students of the 1-2-3 courses of the educational branch “The Russian language and literature” took part in the demo lecture.

The lecturer gave the fullest information about the book “Returning to Pandjrut” by Andrei Volost  in which the author tells about the life of Rudakiy who lived in the IX-th century. During the lecture the Russian professor also gave information about Suhbat Aflatuniy and his well-known book «Tashkent novel».

— Today the culture of the peoples of Central Asia is being studied in the world with deep interest, — said E.F.Shafranskaya.

During the lecture there was a discussion of actual issues of modern literature with students. The students got answers to the questions they were interested in.

In the focus of attention there were also the issues of further mutual collaboration in the field of scientific-research work under the leadership of professor E.F.Shafranskaya from Moscow municipal pedagogical university.


Yu. M. Shamshetova,

a teacher  of NSPI.