The scientific-theoretical conference devoted to the issues of preserving different biological species on the coast of the South Aral seaside was held at the institute

On November 28 there was held the scientific-theoretical conference on the theme «Ecological issues of preservation,  revival and protection of  biological species on the coast of the South Aral seaside» at Nukus state pedagogical institute named after Ajiniyaz.

The conference was opened and conducted by the institute’s rector B.P.Utemuratov.

The outstanding scientists made reports at the conference: P.Zaviyalov- a professor, corresponding-member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, Doctor of Geographical sciences, an assistant director of the institute of Oceanology named after P.P.Shirshov on the theme «Hydrological characteristics of the remaining water mass of the Aral sea and its changes for the last 20 years», M. Ibragimov – a professor, Doctor of agricultural sciences of the department of Agroecology and introduction of vulnary plants of Karakalpak state university named after Berdakh on the theme « Increasing growing dry-resistant plants in the dried bottom of the Aral sea and perspectives of  opening new pastures», J.Saparbaev – a docent, Candidate of Biological sciences of the department of Zoology, Morphophysiology of a man and methods of their teaching of the institute on the theme «Issues of learning Biological species on the basis of evolutionary theory».

The work of the conference went on in sections till November 29.


Islam Matekov,

Press secretary of NSPI.