Qabul 2024

At the institute the presents were given in honour of the «International Day of protection of the disabled»

December 3- is the «International Day of protection of the disabled». In honour of this date there were held charitable actions and holiday parties in many places. On December 3 there was a meeting with the employees and students of  Nukus state pedagogical institute named after Ajiniyaz.

The vice rector on the issues of the youth of the institute K.Kadirov, the head of the trade union committee of the institute K.Gulimbetov, the deans’ assistants of the faculties made a speech at the meeting. They emphasized that in our country much attention and care are given to the people with limited abilities and we can see their results.

As the presents of the holiday foodstuffs were given to 4 employees and 29 students of the institute.


Islam Matekov,

Press secretary of NSPI.