Lecture of Portuguese professor for the students of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute

There was organized a lecture at Nukus State Pedagogical Institute, for the 2nd -year and 3rd-year students of the faculty of Mathematics and Informatics  by Pedro Tadeo, a professor of Guarda  Polytechnic Institute of Portugal, the Department of Education, Communication and Sport on the discipline “Informatics”.

His lecture was about ways of developing pupils’ skills and knowledge on the subjects Maths, Informatics at primary stage, using different games during teaching process, and also he discussed innovative teaching technologies in this sphere.

Portuguese professor has been on the reception of the rector of Nukus SPI B.Otemuratov, he has shared with experience to develop cooperation, to fulfil  new  projects on communication resources in the sphere of preschool and primary education  in Nukus on the base of international project “Erasmus +”


Islam Matekov