Good new! Students of the institute became the winners of Uzbekistan Cup in rugby

In October from 26 to 28in the city of Tashkent there was held the championship and Uzbekistan Cup in the kind of sport – rugby 7.

The teams from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent took part in it. Picked teams of boys and girls of the republic took winning  places among  the participants. We are proud that among them there are the students of the faculty of Physical culture of our institute.

The students of the faculty of Physical culture of the institute – a 3-d year student Gulim Begmanova, a first-year students Umida Baltabaeva and Gulnaz Utepbaeva made their much contribution into the winning of the picked team and became the winners of Uzbekistan Cup, they were  in the line-up of girls’ team of Nukus specialized school of higher sport skill, and took part in the competitions of Uzbekistan Cup in the Olympic and national kinds of sport held among the young people who were born in 1996 and below that age.

A 1-st-year students of the faculty of Physical training Aydos Niyazov and Ernazar Makhambetkarimov contributed much by their skill into winning of Uzbekistan Cup by a picked team, being in the line-up of  boys’ team of republican Sport school of boys and teenagers specialized in different kinds of games and light athletics.

We’re glad that at the championship of Uzbekistan among teenagers the girls have taken the 2-d place, the boys have taken the 3-d place.

The good achievements and success of our sportsmen- boys and girls are in the result of providing them with all necessary conditions for going in for sports and teachers’ efforts to learn them habits and skills.


Islam Matekov,

Press secretary of NSPI.