Qabul 2024

Information Resource Center

Director of the center: 

Qulmuratov Quwanıshbay Dúysenbayevich


The total book fund of the Information Resource Center is 133090 books. Textbooks and manuals – 42872; Fiction – 39970; Scientific publications – 21965; Social and Political Literature – 25714; Foreign Literature – 2569 In 2018, the Information Resource Center received a total of 113 titles, 897 new books. 45 titles of textbooks, teaching aids and monographs were submitted to the IRC fund free of charge by 74 professors and teachers of the Institute. 7282 students are members of the Information Resource Center. From: Professor-teachers – 440; Students – 5789; Local population – 1053; At the Information Resource Center 5 departments serve bookmakers.

  1. Scientific-methodical and information department.
  2. Department of replenishment of library resources, cataloging and sistematiration.
  3. Information and Library Services Department.
  4. Department of Electronic Information Resources.
  5. Foreign information service for library resources.

The number of readers served by all departments is 103133 (annual index) and serves up to 485 students per day. Works with information and resource centers operating in our country, including the National Library named after A.Navoi, ILC of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Berdakh KSU IRC. At the Information Resource Center electronic catalogs of electronic literature have been created. Nowadays, over 5500 electronic publications have been published. 333 titles electronic catalog, 922 editions have been cataloged and totaled 14599 bibliographic records. There are 5 scanners, 1 printer, 108 computers in the Information Resource Center. There are 5 servebook departments , 6 computer rooms (electronic libraries) in the IRC, including 1 electronic reading room in the main building, 28 computers, 1 computer room in natural sciences and history-geographical faculties, 20 computers, physics-labor and mathematics-informatics faculties 1 electronic reading room. 20 computers in pedagogy, pre-school and primary education faculties. One reading room is equipped with 20 computers, and 1 electronic reading room in the student dormitory is equipped with 20 computers. These reading rooms are indirectly connected to the Internet and local area networks. The Information Resource Center regularly organizes new literature exhibitions.