Qabul 2024

The students’ dormitory


The students’ dormitory of Nukus State Teachers’ Training Institute is a 4-storeyd building consisting of 83 rooms. There are rest-rooms on every floor where the students can watch TV on their spare time; rooms for sports, medical office and hygiene room, computer room equipped with 5 up-to-date computers connected to the Internet; a kitchen, a canteen and rooms of everyday use in the dormitory. The dormitory has been well-repaired recently and the furniture in every room has been totally renewed. During all the academic year there has been day-and-night duty occupying the professorial-teaching, sanitary-technical workers staff of the Institute and engineers. The dormitory has Ideology and education room, 2 reading-rooms, table tennis section and   chess-and-draughts circle, club of the intellectual games as well as circles «Young literary man» and «Young archivist» directed to develop the students’ creative and archive working skills. There is also the branch of the Information-Resource Center of the Institute in the dormitory which works from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m. every day. The Ideology and education room contains literature necessary for ideological and morally-ethic development of the students as well as newspapers and journals informing the readers about the recent events taking place in our republic and abroad. After the classes the students who stay in the dormitory take part in the work of the circles,  go in for sports to the new sports complex recently built for them and to the sports grounds of the Institute.  To organize cultural leisure time and social work of the students at their out-of-study time there have been made up in the Institute plans of work of the Ideological work and moral-ethic education office, of the Primary organization of the Social Youth Movement «Kamolat» and of the women’s committee functioning in the dormitory; plans of ideological-educational work on the faculties confirmed at the beginning of academic year by the rector of the Institute. Every activity is implemented by plan according to the Principle “About the Students’ Dormitory.” On the base of this Principle and the Rules of the Institute there has been organized Students’ Board in NSTTI and responsible persons for every room and floor have been appointed. Persons responsible for floor prepare stands under such titles as “The Dormitory is Your Home”, “Narcotics is the Tragedy of the Century”, “We Shall Fight Against Human Traffic”, “Doctor’s Advises”,  «Pretty Daughters of Grandmother Kumar” as well as stands and wall-papers dedicated to important dates of the year. The students regularly organize holiday activities, meetings with the professors and workers of the prosecutor’s office and the internal affairs department in the dormitory. At these meetings they discuss such topics as “Student, Human Rights and Duties”, “Meaning of the Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism”, “Mind the Traffic!” meant to develop the students’ political-juridical culture. Members of the women’s committee together with workers of the Ibn-Sina Health Center discuss with the students problems of the married life according to the appropriate plan. Ideological-education work is implemented in the students’ dormitory in the following directions:

1. Study of the works of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov.

2. Study of the historical, important dates and holidays of Uzbekistan.

3. Fight against narcotics. 4. Fight against religious extremism and terrorism.

5. Celebration of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

6. Ecology and   health.

7. Juridical propaganda   and development of the juridical education of the society.