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Minister Abdukodir Tashkulov wished a “good journey” for school leavers of Nukus

In his congratulations to school leavers, the President of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev congratulated them on entering a new, even more responsible stage of life. He noted that to embody their most cherished desires and hopes, 137 higher educational institutions of the country, 339 vocational schools, 193 colleges and 196 technical schools will be at their disposal.


The minister of higher and secondary specialized education, doctor of science Abdukodir Tashkulov took part in the graduation ceremony at secondary school No. 9 in Nukus to wish them a “good journey” for their new stage of life.

Conveying the President’s congratulations to school leavers, the minister wished them to always set high goals for themselves, seek innovative knowledge and skills, taking advantage of every single free minute of life. He also wished them great success and high performance in entering the universities of their option.


The event was also attended by deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, doctor of biology M.Dzhumanov, Rector of the Karakalpak State University,doctor of technical sciences A.Reimov, Rector of the Nukus state pedagogical institute, doctor of physics and maths B.Otemuratov. The participation of so many holders of academic degrees has inspired the school leavers.


In their speeches, the scientists noted that higher educational institutions of Karakalpakstan are also waiting for the school leavers, and wished them great success in their future life.