Department of the national ideology and Human Rights

Department of “National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Education” In August 2005, the Department of Political Science and Spirituality, “Theory and Practice of Democratic Society in Uzbekistan” “,” Law “are re-establishment. Department of “Political Science and Fundamentals of Spirituality” was opened in Nukus State Pedagogical Institute in 1990 after its re-establishment in the name of “Political Science”. Doctor of philosophical sciences, the representative of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan J.Bazarbaev has been working at the department, 1 doctor of science, 3 candidate of science, 4 senior lecturers, 4 assistants. They were: J.Bazarbaev, S.Abaev, S.Sadikov, A.Allamuratov, M.Maksetova, A.Shilmanov, Z.Jarlepesova, N.Madjitov, R.Akhmetshin, A.Embergenov, G.Saparova. Then the department attracted young professionals such as A.Muratbaeva, A.Bayrieva, E.Asamaddinov, A.Adilov, P.Dabilov. The chair has been taught the subjects of political science, spirituality, ethics, aesthetics, sociology, cultural studies. From the 1993-1994 academic year, the department began publishing the textbook “Odobnoma” at the institute. In the 1993-1994 academic year, the staff of Karakalpak, Uzbek, Kazakh, and Literature, as well as in the field of pre-school education, started to train specialists in the field of “Optoelectronics”. Additional specializations such as “Odobname”, “History of Oriental folk dance”, “History and theory of ethics”, “House decoration”, ” The department members have developed and published a number of curricula for this specialty by J.Bazarbaev, Z.Jarlepesova and A.Muratbaeva. In 1994 the republican scientifically-practical conference on the theme “Problems of the ecologist” was held by the department. In addition to the professors and lecturers of the institute, the staff of the Republic of Karakalpakstan schools, the staff of the Institute for the Development and retraining of pedagogical personnel of the Republic took part. Taking great care of the state, our government, and primarily President IA Karimov’s spiritual and educational work, and recognizing him as one of the priorities of the state’s politics, he put forward the theme of “Fundamentals of Spirituality” at the higher and secondary special leisure positions. From the 1997-1998 academic year he began to be called “Political Science and Fundamentals of Spirituality”. The chair has actively participated in the spiritual, educational work of the republic, the city, the institute. According to the Decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 241 of September 2, 1998 the course “Theory and Practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan” was started at the institute. The basis of this decree was the Department of “Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan” on the basis of the Department of “Political Science and Spirituality”. At the department S.Ababaev has overcame. In 2000 it became one of the lucky years for the department. The head of the chair J.Bazarbaev was awarded the head of Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, A. Bayriyeva, “History and Theory of Culture”, A.Muratbaeva’s “Ethics”, Philosophy Sciences, Master’s Degree. In 1995, he published his book entitled “The Life-Thinking Consciousness” by J.Bazarbaev. In the 2001-2002 academic year the institute opened the educational direction “The idea of ​​national independence, the basis of law and spirituality”. The department was trained as “Philosophy” and “Law” departments. At the same time, the teaching staff of the Department of “Political Science and Spirituality” teaches the following subjects: “The Idea of ​​National Independence: Basic Concepts and Principles”, “Methods of Spiritual Education”, “History of Bad Cognition” “Odobnoma” began to work. In 2001, academician J.Bazarbaev received the title of “Teacher of Higher and Secondary Special Education”, A.Muratbaeva, winner of the “Teacher of the Year”, the Karakalpak Republican People’s Education Leader it has been. In August 2005, he became known as “National Independence Idea, Law and Fundamentals of Spirituality”. The department of “Law” was opened and separated from the department “History of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan”. During this period the candidate of historical sciences, docent Q.Nayimov was the head of the department. The chair has the following subjects: “Constitutional law”, “History and theory of state and law”, “Labor law”, “Administrative law”, “Law of the right”, “Civil law”, “Ecological law”, “Law” ‘tipped. Department of “National Independence and Fundamentals of Spirituality” was opened on August 9, 2005 and was headed by academician J.Bazarbaev. In the 2005-2006 academic year 17 professors, including 1 doctors of science, 5 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 3 senior lecturers, 8 assistants worked in the department. Professors and lecturers of the department carried out scientific research on the theme “The role and value of educating the harmoniously developed generation in the spirit of national independence” at the scientific expedition of academician J.Bazarbaev. In the 2005-2006 academic year, T. Kudaybergenova was awarded the degree of candidate of philosophical sciences on the topic “Pedagogical bases of increase of the legal education in the special leisure centers of the middle class”, A.Embergenov, “The ethical ideas of Agienoz”. he successfully defended his dissertation work and became a candidate of science. In the period from 2005 to 2009, 5 teaching aids, 6 non-teaching textbooks and 4 monographs were published by the professors and lecturers of the department. The textbook “Basic psychology” (2009), prepared by scholars of the department, is a textbook for the “Odobnama” for primary classes with the participation of academician J.Bazarbaev, “Manual psychology” for secondary specialized educational institutions, (2007) monograph, J. Bazarbaev’s solo album entitled “Successful admiration for beauty”, (2008) “We value the pearls of our spirituality, or the eldest man, the simplest hand” 2008) A.Sultanov’s “The poetic programs of Sh. Aytmatov in the Karakalpak trial”, “The philosophical idea in the literature of the Bad”. The scientific-theoretical conference devoted to the 80th anniversary of the academician Jumanazar Bazarbaev was held in the Republican scientific-theoretical conference “Manaviy values ​​of national identity” and the theses of professor-teachers were published in the conference materials. From March 1, 2014, Candidate of Philosophy Sciences Ansat Embergenov is working as the head of the department. The students of the department are working hard to educate and educate students about ideas of national idea Professors-teachers who are working at the department Bazarbaev Jumanazar Embergenov An’sat Seytova Zuxra Qudaybergenova Tajixal