Musical education

History of musical education department Department of musical education N.D.P.I. By order of the rector of the chair was opened the chair “Musical education” on the faculty of pre-school education in 1991. The head of the department was Saparbay Palo’anov, the senior teacher of the Berdaq Prize. The department was headed by Saparbay Paloanov, who was trained on a competitive basis. At the department Medetov, d. Aysina, M. Berdibekov, S. Kenjebaeva taught music for 17 students. At that time,    J. Bazarbaev became a guru of the institute with the song “Pupils Marsh” with S. Pal u anov’s music. In 1992, on the basis of the competition, which was announced in the press in connection with the increase of the number of students, from October 7, 2011, the department was awarded I.Jumaniyazov, Amaniyazov, K. Askarov, E.Tleoov, T.Eshbaev, Q.Aykeev, S.Tajetdinova and G. Urazbayeva were employed as head of the department. On September 26, 1993 the department of “Music Instruments” was separated from the department of “Musical education” and the head of the department was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Karakalpakstan Koshkinbai Askarov. On December 3, 1994, the department “Music theory and vocals” was increased and the senior teacher Ganiibay Amaniyazov was appointed as the head of the department. In September 1995, Sophia Tajetdinova, the senior teacher of this department, served as the head of the Department of Choir in connection with the transfer of Saparbay Palo’anov to another job. In the 1996-1997 academic year, the department of “Music theory and vocal” was affiliated with the Department of “Choral Operations” and was renamed “Music Theory and Choral Operation” department and Ganibay Amaniyazov was appointed as the head of the department. On August 20, 2001, the Department of “Musical Instruments” was headed by Senior Educator of Karakalpakstan, senior teacher Tanzip Esirkepov. Since August 8, 2003 the department “Musical Instruments” was headed by the senior teacher Nurman Musaev, who is a Honored Art Worker from Karakalpakstan. Since December 1, 2004 the Department of “Musical Instruments” has been restored to the position of the head of the department “The Honored Art Worker of Karakalpakstan” Koshkinbai Askarov. On August 10, 2005, as a result of the merger of the Department of “Instrumental Instruments” and “Music Theory and Vocal” on the basis of the order of the Rector of the Institute No. 282 N / 2 of August 9, 2005, the Department of Musical Education was appointed as the Head of the Department Iskander Jumaniyazov has been confirmed. From August 30, 2013, Sofiya Tajetdinova, senior teacher at the Department of Musical Education, has been appointed. Nowadays, the chair “Musical education” teaches 3 professors, 1 candidate of sciences, 2 senior teachers, 4 assistants. They are: C.Tajetdinova, D.Allanazarov, I.Jumaniyazov, S.Romanova S.Kenjebaeva, A.Nadyrova.