Students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages became winners of international olympiad

This year on February 18-19, here was held International Online Olympiad on the program “English Teacher Training” in Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilev, Republic of Kazakhstan. It was organized by the Department of Foreign Languages Theory and Practice of above-mentioned university and students from Gomel State University (Belarus), Termiz State University and Nukus State Pedagogical institute (Uzbekistan) took an active part in this Olympiad.


It has lasted 2 days and more than 120 students participated in it. 40 students of them were from international higher educational establishments. It consisted 2 stages: writing an essay on a topic and speaking task. From Nukus State Pedagogical Institute 3rd-year students participated and showed good results.


According to the results, our students from Foreign Languages Faculty who have 182 points Azatbaeva Miyassar and Abdurakhmanova Kundiz were awarded with a diploma of second degree of International Online Olympiad.


Philological Faculty of Eurasian National University thanks Aliya Tajieva, the head of English Language and Literature Department of Nukus state pedagogical institute for taking an active part in the organization of this Olympiad.


NSPI press service