Qabul 2024

There was held “Rector’s Cup” on national wrestling (kurash)

There was held “Rector’s Cup” on national kurash between the faculties of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Ajiniyaz.


The competition was opened by the Rector of the Institute B. Otemuratov and the director of Karakalpak Department of Kurash Association of Uzbekistan S.Jusipbekov.


“Rector’ Cup” was organized among the students of 15 weight categories and the winners of competition were determined.


In the ceremony of awarding a rector of the Institute B.Otemuratov said that the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive scholarships in the amount of 1.5 times, 1 time and a half times of the basic scholarship. He also noted that such  kind of competitions will be held not only at the institute, but also among students of all higher educational establishments of Karakalpakstan.


The winners were awarded with diplomas and medals.


According to the results of competition, the team of the Faculty of Physical Culture won the 1st place and became a champion of “Rector’s Cup”.


Students of the faculty of Physics and Mathematics won a 2nd place and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages – 3rd place.


NSPI press service