Support from the faculty leadership is the key to successful teaching practice. At the department of Russian language and literature for senior students, an orientation conference was organized on the passage of practice. The conference is a necessary start-up stage and its purpose was to instruct and prepare trainees for future practical activities. The students were introduced to the purpose and objectives, places of internship, its terms and duration.
The methodologists explained the tasks during the practice and gave methodological instructions for its successful implementation.
The other day, in order to get acquainted with the process of pedagogical practice and provide methodological and practical assistance, the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages I. Dilmanov visited the following educational institutions: school No. 26, school No. 24, school No. 10 of the city of Nukus, where students of the Russian language department passed their qualification practice and literature.
The administration of educational institutions, as well as the chairmen of the methodological association of the above schools acquainted with the situation of practical activities, subject teachers positively noted the knowledge, skills and creativity of students.
All the necessary conditions have been created for teaching practice in these places. Each trainee is assigned to an experienced teacher of the institution, who has the highest category and a methodologist of the university, daily reports on the work done.
After reviewing the progress of pedagogical practice, the dean of the faculty noted the significant shortcomings of the practice and gave specific recommendations to the methodologists and trainees to improve the quality of the practice.

Methodist of the Faculty of Foreign Languages,
responsible for teaching practice,
Gulbahar Genzhebaeva


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