The History of the Foreign Languages Department

Head of department: Babaniyazova.N.P
phone:(+998-61) 229-40-96

The department of Foreign Languages has been functioning at the Nukus State Pedagogical Institute since  1954. The first founders of the department were J.A.Allamuratov and the graduaters of the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute P.Kurbanazarov, A.P.Rogach, M.O.Diment, I.V.Shukhmina, and D.J.Lebel. A number of experienced teachers as T.Dosanov, T.Ermanov, S.Y.Virva, A.N.Rubleva, Z.J.Urumbaeva, G.Boranbaeva, A.Bekmuratova, N.Kurtebaeva and U.Iqlasov have successfully worked at the department. There worked К.Оrazbaev, P.Kurbanazarov, K.Kiyasova, B.Shaniyazov, H.Djumanazarova, N. Hamidov, D.Berdimuratov,  J.Seytjanov as the heads of the department. Since 2014 the head of the department is PhD, dotcent A.U.Tajieva. The department is responsible for teaching the subject “Foreign Languages” to all the bachelor and magistracy students of the institute and at present, the students of the institute are learning English, German, Korean and Japanese languages. Every year more and more young, promising teachers are involved into the teaching process, so today there are 32 teachers in the department, among which 1 PhD, 6 senior teachers, 24 assistant-teachers and 1 researcher of doctorate. Teachers of the department (F. Кayipbergenova, U.Khodjaniyazova, A.Elmuratova) are doing their research work and publishing the results of their work in scientific magazines of the country and abroad, participating in republican and international conferences. Each member of the staff publishes their textbooks and manuals for the use in learning classrooms. Three teachers of the department А.Таjieva, А.Borasheva, G.Kenjebaeva are the co-authors of the course book «B2 Ready», published for all bachelor students of Uzbekistan. The department has been working in cooperation with a great number of higher educational establishments of the country like, Uzbek State University of World Languages, Uzbek National University, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages, Bukhara State University, Urgench State University, Karakalpak State University in research and education sectors.  As a result of cooperation with the British Council in Uzbekistan and Norwich Institute for Language Education three teachers of the department have attended and successfully finished teacher training courses on methods of teaching English at NILE in England.  Nowadays, the department has signed a contract on cooperation with Russian, Kazakhstan and Kirgiz higher educational establishments and is working according to the action plans. 6 members of the staff (G.Кеnjebaeva, S.Кurbaniyazova, G.Djumamuratova, Z.Еlmuratova APTIS (В2), N.Nuratdinova and А.Еlmuratova APTIS (С1)) have an international certificate APTIS, another 6 teachers (А.Таjieva, S.Кurbaniyazova, U.Khodjaniyazova, G. Bekbergenova, А.Borasheva, Z.Еlmuratova) have won a certificate of State Testing Centre of Uzbekistan for increment. The department of Foreign Languages is considered the member of the “ENSPIRE-U” ESP Reform Project, being conducted by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education in cooperation with the British Council in Uzbekistan.   The project is planning to implement new ways of teaching English  for Specific Purposes students, is designing syllabus, learning materials and lesson plans. 5 teachers of the department are involved into the project (А.Таjieva, А.Borasheva, U.Khodjaniyazova, А.Еlmuratova, G.Кunnazarova). They are participating in trainings, international conferences concerning this issue and at the same time piloting the project. In order to motivate students to learning foreign languages and to answer their needs there organized the courses on learning English and German, debate clubs, language aptitude courses and extra classes  for students, as well as events on different occasions, holidays, and birthday parties of famous English and German writers and poets. With the support of the British Council in Uzbekistan there opened “Professional Development Centre”, the aim of which is to help teachers to develop professionally. The trainers of the centre regularly conduct teacher trainings, the centre supply teachers with necessary books, literature, inform about webinars and online courses, organize courses for institute content teachers to learn English, and prepare students for international certificate exams.