Representatives from Korea International Cooperation Agency “KOICA” are at Nukus State Pedagogical Institute

This year on September 11, a delegation, namely a vice-director of Korea International Cooperation Agency “KOICA” in Uzbekistan Park Mee, volunteers Kang Moonhee,  Shukurullo Shukurov, Yun Khelim came to Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Ajiniyaz.

There were discussed issues on cooperation between Korea International Cooperation Agency and Nukus SPI at the meeting in which a vice-rector on educational affairs M.Jumamuratov and a coordinator Y.Genjemuratov took part in.

Volunteers of this Agency have been teaching the Korean language the students of the Institute and other people for several years. Especially a volunteer Lee Sangheon has been doing his best in teaching the language for last three years.

-“Each volunteer is directed for 2 years to teach the Korean language. But Lee Sangheonhas been eager to work here, that’s why his contract was prolonged for a year”, says a representative of this agency, it shows that there are high demands on teaching and learning foreign languages.

The members of delegation appreciated the cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency  at its high value and said the pedagogical institute  was a basic place in Uzbekistan.

The representatives of the Institute thanked the members of delegation and there  was agreed with them to form e-Library to develop information-resource centre’s work, to increase relationship between these two institutions.