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In 2017, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was divided into two faculties: mathematics-informatics and physics-labor. From 2017 to the present, the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is associate Professor J.Allanazarov. Currently, the faculty employs 14 assistant professors, 9 senior lecturers and 35 assistants. 720 students study at the faculty. 

The faculty has two departments:

1) Department of Mathematics Teaching;

2) Department of Informatics Teaching.

3. Department of Physics Teaching


The faculty is preparing students for the following types of undergraduate:

1) 5110100- Methods of teaching mathematics.

2) 5110700-informatics teaching methods.

3) 5110200 – Methods of teaching physics and astronomy


On the basis of these two departments of the faculty, masters are trained in the following specialities:

1) 5А110701- Information technology in education

2) 5А110101- Methods of teaching exact and natural sciences (mathematics)

3) 5A110201 – Methods of teaching the natural and exact sciences (physics and astronomy)