Dean faculty: Jiemuratov Rzamurat Esbergenovich
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On the basis of the department of teacher training, opened in 1934-1935 academic year, from 1 September 1935 was formed the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the 1st year of which was attended by 19 students.

In 1936-1937 academic year O. Buleshov, a graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Central Asian State University, and M. Galikeev, a graduate of the Bukhara Pedagogical Institute, were hired, and the Faculty was replenished with young specialists. In 1937, 15 graduates of the faculty received a diploma of teacher of “Physics and Mathematics”.

With the increase in the number of teaching hours in 1948-1949 academic year the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences was divided into the Departments of Mathematics and Physics. Professors and teachers such as O.Buleshov, M.Galikeev, J.Duysengaliev, J.Pensky, N.Zinovan, P.Kromer, A.Nurimbetov, A.Mazhitov, A.Aliev, G.Berdimuratov, V.N.Kim and A.Nurmanov served in the chairs of “Mathematics” and “Physics”.

In fights with German fascist invaders in 1941-1945 years the pupil of physics and mathematics faculty, pilot-observer of 47th aviation regiment, guards senior lieutenant Plis Kolgeldievich Nurpeysov distinguished himself. Three times Knight of the Order of Glory P.K.Nurpeysov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union in April 1945 for fulfilment of the 100th combat mission on the enemy front.

In 1959, the faculty began to train specialist teachers who taught physics, mathematics and labour lessons. In 1961, in order to improve the quality of teaching of general technical disciplines in our republic and to meet the need of the national economy in personnel with technical knowledge, the chair of “General Technical Sciences” was established. Initially this chair was headed by senior lecturer A.Nurimbetov, and then it was headed by Honoured Scientist of Karakalpakstan A.Nurmanov and associate professor J.Kaypnazarov.

K.Abdirov, A.I.Balakin, A.A.Zhurbin, U.Khodjanazarov, A.Tazhibaev and K.Yusupov worked in leading positions among the graduates of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Some graduates, working as teachers at the faculty, received academic titles. Among them it is worth to name with respect Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor E.Zhaksimov, Professors J.Kutlimuratov, A.Otarov, B.Abdikamalov, Sh.Kaniyazov and others.

On September 1, 1990 in connection with the opening of Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Adjinioz, 40 full-time students of the 1st year and 50 part-time students of the 1st year of the specialty “Labour and Professional Guidance” who entered the university in 1989-1990 academic year were enrolled to the faculty of “Engineering Pedagogy”. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Imamatdin Turmanov was appointed Dean of the Faculty. The Department of General Mathematics in the faculty was headed by Associate Professor B.S.Akhmetov, and the Department of Physics and Labour Education by Associate Professor K.Palvanov, who achieved great success in providing the national economy with pedagogical specialists.

In 1996 with the increase of the number of specialities the faculty “Mathematics-Informatics” was separated from the structure of the faculty. The Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics was Associate Professor Akhmedov in 1996-2001, Associate Professor Jollibekov in 2001-2002, and Associate Professor Tanirbergenov in 2002-2005.

Associate Professor Paluanov worked as Dean of “Engineering-Pedagogical” Faculty from 1999 to 2001, Associate Professor Arzuov from 2001 to 2003. In 2003 “Engineering-Pedagogical” faculty was transformed into “Physico-technical” faculty, which was previously headed by Associate Professor B.Ibragimov, then Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences K.Turdanov.

In 2006, the Faculty of Physics and Technology and the Faculty of Mathematics and Information were united and reorganised into the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. The position of Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was held by K.Turdanov, Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc. in 2005-2009, by M.Zhalelov, Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc. in 2009-2010, and by M.Zhalelov, Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc. in 2010-2014. K.Elgondiev, Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc., in 2014-2015 – Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc. J.Seyfullaev, in 2015-2017 – Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc. M.Zhumamuratov, in 2017-2019 worked Ph.D.-Ph.-M.Sc. J.Allanazarov.

Since 2020, the faculty has been headed by candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor R. Zhiemuratov. Today, the faculty trains full-time and evening students in the fields of “Physics and Astronomy” and “Mathematics and Informatics”. Pedagogical staff of the faculty conducts research work with named research centres: Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Institute of Physics and Technology and Karakalpak branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The faculty has two departments:

1) Department of Mathematics Teaching;

2) Department of Informatics Teaching.

3. Department of Physics Teaching


The faculty is preparing students for the following types of undergraduate:

1) 5110100- Methods of teaching mathematics.

2) 5110700-informatics teaching methods.

3) 5110200 – Methods of teaching physics and astronomy


On the basis of these two departments of the faculty, masters are trained in the following specialities:

1) 5А110701- Information technology in education

2) 5А110101- Methods of teaching exact and natural sciences (mathematics)

3) 5A110201 – Methods of teaching the natural and exact sciences (physics and astronomy)