Natural Sciences

Dean of the faculty:A.Saparov

The faculty of natural sciences was founded in 1943. Primarily the faculty  existed – up to 1996 as the faculty of chemistry and biology. Their foundation had been predicted by that time: due to re-abilitation of the national economy during World War II there was a need in qualified scientific-pedagogical personnel aimed to develop the agriculture and water economy of the republic. Afterwards, the graduates  of the faculty brought a significant contribution in development of the regional science and trained several generations of the new qualified experts in natural sciences. Just these experts  became the founders of the Karakalpak   branch of Uzbek   Academy  of  Sciences. There are four departments on the faculty of natural sciences :  chemistry, botany, zoology, geography and theory of economics. The professorial-teaching staff consists of 60 professors. They are involved in improvement of methods of ecological education under the conditions of the Aral Sea area, in investigating the level of influence of  anthropogene factor on the bioecological system and bio-variety of the coastal regions of the republic . The faculty of natural sciences have a cooperation in education and science with the leading higher education institutions and research centers of Uzbekistan as well as with the Institute of Physiology of the Russian Science Academy. In the academic year of 2014-2015  s election procedure of students was carried out  on  the faculty of natural sciences of Nukus State Teachers’ Training Institute  учебном in  the three fields of baccalaureate: «Methods of teaching chemistry»; «Methods of teaching biology»; «Methods of teaching geography». Graduates of the faculty continue further education for Master’s degree in master school of Nukus State Teachers’ Training Institute. Thus, in the academic year of 2014-2015 there were admitted to the master’s school of  the Institute master students on the specialization «Methods of teaching biology»


  1. Methods of teaching chemistry
  2. Methods of teaching biology

Current trends in education:

  1. 5110300 -Methods of teaching chemistry
  2. 5110400 -Methods of teaching biology

Master degree:

  1. 5A110401 - Methods of teaching natural and natural sciences (biology)