Department of the English Language and literature

Head of the Department: Tajieva Aliya Utebaevna, candidate of science on Pedagogics, docent.
Phone.: +998913056788

The Department prepares specialists on the following directions:


60111800 – English language and literature

Master’s degree:

70111801 – English Language and Literature

History of the Department:

The department of the English Language and Literature was established first in the Karakalpak State Pedagogical Institute  in 1950. Since that time a great number of scholars and methodologists of the Republic like  J.Allamuratov, A.P.Rogach, M.O.Dement, I.P.Chukhmina, J.Lebel, N.Andrianova, P.K. Khurbanazarov, Zh.R.Hasanova, K.Kh.Kamalov, M.N.Madriyakova, S.Ya.Vyrva, K.A. Ismailov, E.U. Bazarbayev, B.Abdireymov, G.D. Melnik, A.V.Tuney, N.Yuldashov and R.Rzaeva have made their contribution in the upbringing of young generation. Today more than 28 professional specialists are working in the department, among which 3 candidates of science, 1 PhD, 3 senior teachers and 21 qualified assistant-teachers.

17 teachers out of the 28 teachers of the department have an international certificate with the level of knowledge of English “C”. The head of the department is a candidate of science on pedagogics, docent Aliya Tajieva.

The Staff of the Department:

The teaching staff  of the department have been trained and qualified at the teacher training courses organized by the British Council in Uzbekistan, by the Uzbek State University of World Languages, as well as by the Universities of abroad countries. For example, S. Saparov (2008, in India); R.Dospanov (2008, in USA); N.Jalgasov(2009 in Germany); D.Mamirbaeva, A.Tajieva, G.Kdirbaeva (2013 in UK); G.Kenjebaeva, S.Saparov, N.Jalgasov, A.Sadullaeva (2019 in UK).

The Department are conducting research on various fields of study like theory and practice of teaching and upbringing, comparative study of languages in different language systems, theory of pedagogics. There are 2 teachers studying at a doctoral studies (B.Arzieva, U.Khodjaniyazova) and 7 independent researchers (F.Allanazarova, A.Khudaybergenov, Kh. Dawletmuratova, Z.Tursunmuratova, S.Saparov, V. Balkibaeva) in the department. As the results or their researches there published 10 articles in scientific journals, 2 monographs, 5 study guides, 8 methodological handbooks during the last 5 years.

The staff is responsible for preparing future teachers of the English language and literature. There are about  775 students and 101 master’s students studying at the department. There supplied all necessary conditions for studying like bright classrooms, modern equipments in the form of computers, projectors, white boards and interactive boards, a Professional Development Center (PDC) with a great number of resource books in English, Russian, Uzbek and Karakalpak languages. The lectures and practical lessons are conducted by using innovative teaching technologies.

Achievements of students:

There are a great deal of talented, educated and well-brought students at the English Language and Literature bachelor direction. Among them are possessors of Presidential Scholarship (A.Kenjemuratova,2004); Alisher Navoi scholarship (Z.Masharipova, 2004; A.Kenjemuratova, 2007; S. Ibadullaeva 2008; G.Kenjebaeva 2009; A.Bisenova 2010; N.Kalbaeva, N.Babajanova 2011; A.Berdambetova 2013; N.Djumaniyazova 2016; A.Orazgalieva 2018; Z.Ganieva 2018)

Scholarships of the Embassy of South Korea in Uzbekistan  ( N.Madreimova, L.Zhakipova, R.Rambergenov, R.Sadykov:

I.Yusupov scholarship (N.Djumaniyazova 2015; A. Tajetdinova 2016;  D. Kdirbaeva 2020) Nursultan Nurniyazov 2021, Annasoltan Arazdurdieva  2021)

Ajiniyaz scholarship (A.Mukhammediyarov 2018)

I.Karimov scholarship (M.Azatbaeva 2020).

The student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, coordinator of the club “Leaders of the Future” Islam Dilmanov was solemnly awarded the badge “30 years of independence”.

There are 3 clubs functioning at the department. They are: a speaking club, a reading club, and a research club, where the students can develop their skills and spend free time fruitfully. The students of the department are actively taking part in international and republican conferences, publishing their works in printed publications. Today we have more than 20 works of students published in scientific journals and volumes.

 Grants and Projects:

The teaching staff and students of the department have won and are taking part in various international projects. Mainly, 1) English Access Microscholarship Program (USA Embassy Grant). Coordinator D.Mamirbaeva. 2016-2018; 2018-2020; 2020-2022 years.

2) Satellite Access Program  (USA Embassy Grant). Coordinator K.Yakupova. 2020-2022 years.

3) Language Teacher Education and Curriculum Design Exchange with an Emphasis on Plurilingualism and Multiculturalism. Coordinator D. Mamirbaeva. On the basis of the project there signed a memorandum between School for International Training, USA, Vermount and Nukus State Pedagogical Institute.

International Cooperation:

The  English Language and Literature Department is working in collaboration with other Higher Educational Establishments of Uzbekistan and abroad countries in the field of academic mobility, training and researching. In 2020 6 students of the department studied for 1 semester at the Uzbek State University of World Languages, 3 students at the Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan) and 1 master-student at Kuban State University (Russia). The professors of USUWL(L.T.Akhmedova) and ENU (G.I.Baygunisova, G. Gaurieva, A. Aldabergenova, A. Abdikhalikova) are having classes with our students and supervising their research work. 2 teachers of the department (A.Tajieva and D.Mamirbaeva) are international experts at Eurasian National University.

The English Language and Literature Department is annually organizing international conferences on the issues of teaching and learning foreign languages:

1) Innovations in teaching foreign languages: problems and perspectives. (2019)

2) Approaches to using STEM technologies in foreign languages classes (2020)

On October 29, 2021, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to Uzbekistan Daniel Rosenblum visited the Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Ajiniyaz.


Ambassador Daniel Rosenblum got acquainted with the work carried out at the Institute jointly with the US Embassy under the ACCESS program, which has been operating since 2016.