Department of karakalpak language

In 1991, the Department of “Karakalpak language” was organized under the name “Contemporary Karakalpak tili” and was headed by A.Najimov, candidate of philological sciences in 1997, in the faculty of Karakalpak language and literature. From November 20, 1992 the Department of “Karakalpak language of faculties” was separated, and the chair was headed by Doctor of Philology, professor O.D. Dospanov. The Department of Karakalpak language was initially called “Karakalpak Linguistics” since 1997, “Karakalpak linguistics” since 1997, and “Karakalpak language” since 2016. Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor A.Bekbergenov (November 1997-1998), prof. D.Dospanov (December 1998-2011), docent O.Sayimbetov (2011-2014), M.Kurbanov (2014-2015), docent A.Pirniyazova (2015-2016). Since December 2016 the Doctor of Philology Ayimbetov Makset Gallievich is the head. At present, there are 14 professors and teachers in the department. Among them 1 doctors of sciences, 9 candidates of sciences, 5 associate professors, 5 senior teachers, 4 assistant teachers. The scientific potential of the department is 71%. At the Department of Karakalpakstan 25 subjects are trained in 2017-2018 academic year and their teaching-methodical complex has been prepared. In the 2017-2018 academic year it is planned to complete 10200 hours. There is a scientific school on the department. For example, under the supervision of professor O.Dospanov, 9 candidate dissertations have been executed, and in the last 5 years, several candidate dissertations have been defended to enhance the scientific potential of the department. Among them were B. Kurbanbaeva in 2008, “The speech and morphology of the southern dialect of Karakalpak language”, A.Saburova “Music terms in the Karakalpak language” (Professor O.Dospanov), in 2009 N.Turabaeva “The influence of Uzbek language in the development of Karakalpak lexicography” scientific leader H. Hamidov) in 2010, S. Shninazarova «Karakalpak language speeches in Konalikul Karakalpakstan» (scientific professor O.Dospanov), in 2011 M.Kurbanov «Lexical and grammatical properties of geographical terms in Karakalpak language» (i general Professor O.Sayimbetov), ​​2012 A.Pirekeeva Kenimex Karakalpak dialect (Research Professor O.Dospanov) successfully defended his PhD thesis. Nowadays there are 1 senior research assistant, 1 independent doctoral dissertation. R.Opayeva under the supervision of Professor M. Kudaybergenov under the supervision of Prof. Yu.Ibragimov, M. Kaipnazarova is researcher at the Institute of Senior Researchers.