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Department uzbek Literature

Head of department:

candidate of philological sciences, associate professor S.G.Matyakupov

phone.: +998(61)229-40-69  
web -sayt :

Bachelor’s degree programms

5111200 – Uzbek language and literature

5112400 – Uzbek language in foreign language groups

Master’s degree

5A111201 – Uzbek language and literature


Starting in the 2021-2022 academic year:

Bachelor’s degree programms

60111400 – Uzbek language and literature

60111600 – Uzbek language in foreign language groups

Master’s degree

70111401 – Uzbek language and literature


From the members of the department:

Doctor of Science, Professor – 1,

Candidate of Science, Associate Professor – 2,

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philology, Associate Professor – 3,

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philology – 2,

assistant teacher – 2.

The scientific potential of the department is 80 %.


The Students of Uzbek language and literature have been participating in the Republican Science Olympiads and various competitions for several years and have won prizes.

The department has a number of achievements in the training of specialists and work with talented students. In particular, in recent years, 5 talented students of the department named after Ibrai Yusupov and Ajiniyaz; 3 of them were awarded the Navoi State Scholarship for bachelors of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In addition, 5 collections of poetry by talented students were published.

To date, professors and teachers of the department have published dozens of monographs and teaching aids, published hundreds of articles.

In particular, in recent years, members of the department have published the following textbooks:

– S.Matyakupov, S.Bekchanova, N.Allambergenova. Organization of folklore practice (methodical instructions, co-authored) 2018, Nukus DPI Publishing House;

– S.Matyakupov. Topics of course work on the subject of history of Uzbek literature and recommendations for its implementation (guidelines) Nukus DPI Publishing House, 2018;

– S.Bekchanova, N.Allambergenova. Teaching folklore in secondary schools. Nukus DPI Publishing House, 2018;

– S.Matyakupov. Theoretical issues of Uzbek literature of the independence period (poetry and storytelling) (textbook) Tashkent, “Tafakkur bo‘stoni”, 2020;

– F.Sapaeva. Comparative analysis of translations of Makhtimkuli’s works (monograph) Tashkent, “Tafakkur boʻstoni”, 2020;

– F.Sapaeva. Organization of lectures on textual studies (textbook) Tashkent, “Tafakkur bo‘stoni”, 2020;

– F.Sapaeva. Current Literary Process (Textbook) “Tafakkur bo‘stoni”, 2020;

– K.Quramboev. Inspired by Navoi’s creative garden (monograph) Tashkent “O‘zbekiston”, 2021.

The work of the department for 2015-2020 was carried out in the framework of research work on “The relationship of Uzbek and Turkic literature, development trends.” Monographs and textbooks in the field of interdisciplinary relations, as well as translation and folklore have been created under this theme. In addition, the topics of dissertation, master’s dissertation, graduate work of the members of the department are determined within the general theme of the department.

Since 2021, the department conducts research on “Current issues of Turkish literature: literary theory, literary process, folklore, literary relations, translation studies and innovative approaches to the study of methodology.”

The department publishes video lessons on teaching the Uzbek language and literature on the channel for students, teachers of science and Uzbek language in the republic and abroad and serves as an important resource for students of literature.

The department has established cooperation with the universities of Ankara and Istanbul, in Turkey. In addition, international scientific and practical conferences are regularly organized in cooperation with prestigious higher education institutions of the Turkic-speaking countries.