Dean faculty: M.K.Saribaev
Phone:  +998 (91 ) 301-04-39
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The dean of the faculty is Doctor of Historical Sciences – M. Sarybaev, Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs D.Reimov, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs. F.Madreymov, S.Allambergenov, I. Jaksimov, Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs S.Dosmagambetov, national idea, the basis of spirituality and in legal education, the department is headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (PhD) E.Tilewov, Methods of Teaching History, Doctor of Historical Sciences (DSc) R.Bazarbayev, the Department of Social Subjects is headed by Doctor of Historical Sciences Y.Abdullaeva, Methods of Teaching Geography, doc. G.Utepova. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the number of students at the faculty was 749.

Today, the Faculty of History is focused on training teachers with higher education in the field of public education of the republic in the field of history, geography, national ideology, spirituality and law.

The faculty has a wide range of student learning opportunities. All classrooms are equipped with computers and video projectors and are connected to the local Internet. In addition, free Wi-Fi equipment was installed for free use by teachers and students. At the faculty, students use computer and language classes. Professors and teachers who have effectively used such opportunities teach students using modern and advanced pedagogical educational technologies.

Students constantly reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained in practice. In particular, 1st and 2nd year students undergo field, archaeological, ethnographic and industrial internships, and 3-4 year students undergo teaching practice in secondary schools.

As a result of the opportunities created for the students at the Faculty, the winners of the Named State Scholarship were identified among the students of the Faculty.

In particular: A. Abdullaeva, a student of history teaching methodology, a student of the faculty of “National Idea”, “Fundamentals of Spirituality and Legal Education” D. Turkpenbaeva, and a student of the Department of Geography M. Bazarbayev became the winners of the Navoi State Scholarship. Scholarship holder Dzhumabaev became a laureate of the State Scholarship named after Islam Karimov.

Also, students of our faculty are active participants in various Olympiads and sports competitions held annually throughout the country.

At the final stage of the “Tafakkur Sinovlari” competition, held in Tashkent in December 2019, the Republic of Uzbekistan took first place among all higher educational institutions of the republic.

In addition, the intellectual club “Shezhire”, consisting of the intelligent youth of the faculty, and the KVN team “Wa-ha-ha”, consisting of cheerful young people, take prizes in the annual competitions held throughout the country.

Faculty composition:

  • 4 departments: 3 of them – departments, graduating specialists, 81 professors – teachers in total. Of these, 5 are doctors of science, 21 are candidates of science. In total, 749 students study at the faculty. Two of them are citizens of Turkmenistan.


Directions of study:


Subject circles:

  • “Young Historian”;
  • “Young Archaeologist”;
  • “Young Geographer”;
  • “Young Lawyer”;
  • “Young Ideologist”;
  • “Young Economist”;
  • Young philosopher