40 - Historical Dean faculty: M.K.Saribaev
Phone:  +998 (91 ) 301-04-39
  e-mail: nkspi_info@edu.uz
web site: http://tariyx-geo.ndpi.uz

Faculty structure: Dean of the faculty, Doctor of Historical Sciences – M.Saribaev, Deputy Dean on Spiritual and Moral Affairs M.Allaniyazova, Deputy Dean on Educational Affairs E.Tlewov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty S.Dosmaganbetov, “Fundamentals of Spirituality of National Idea and Law Education” A.Embergenov, the head of the department “Methods of teaching history” doc. A.Saribaev, associate professor YA.Abdullayeva, the head of the department of “Methods of teaching geography” K.Djaksimuratov, the head of the organization of the Women’s Council Z.Abdullaeva, the head of the faculties of the faculty group,  J.Abdiramanov, the head of the faculty public council G.Utepova, the head of the faculty trade union council B.Arziyeva, the youth union leader R.Utepbergenov. The faculty trains bachelors in the following areas: “Methods of Teaching History”, “Methods of Teaching Geography”, “Fundamentals of Spirituality in National Idea”. In the 2018-2019 academic year the number of students in the faculty was 627. 156 of them are taught in additional disciplines: “Young archeologist”, “Young historian”, “Young lawyer”, “Young ideologist”, “Young economist”, “Young philosopher”, “Young geographer”.  There are 126 athletes in four types of sports: football, Valibol, Chess-Shashka, and athletics. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the fourth year student of the “Geography Teaching Methodology” department G.Uzakbaev received a state scholarship named after Mirzo Ulugbek, in the 2015-2016 academic year, the 4th year student S.Omarov “Alisher Navoi” state scholarship, the 2nd year student of the “Methods of Teaching History” A.Abdullaeva in the 2016-2017 academic year “Ajiniyaz” and “Kamolot” scholarship, In the 2017 academic year D.Farmonov, a 3rd year student of the “Fundamentals of Spirituality and the Fundamentals of Spirituality”, became the winners of “Ajiniyaz” scholarships. In the 2018-2019 academic year, the 3rd year student of the “Fundamentals of Spirituality and Principles of Spirituality” A.Jumabaev received a scholarship named after Ajiniyaz Kazimbai Uli, a 4-year student of “History Teaching Methodology” Abdullaeva Alisher Navoi State Scholar, 3rd year student in the “Geography Teaching Method” A. Sharibaev is the winner of the state award “Islam Karimov”. At the information resource center provided by the faculty of computer technology, electronic versions of the lecture texts prepared by professors and teachers of the faculty are connected to the Internet-electronic library. Professors and students of our faculty actively participate in the events of the Institute, in the community activities, as well as at the Republican spiritual and educational events, scientific conferences, and win prizes. Departments:

  1. Department of the national ideology and Human Rights
  2. Department of history
  3. Department of social studies
  4. Department of Geography

Bachelor degree directions:

  1. 5110600-«Methodology of teaching history»;
  2. 511600-«Theory of the national ideology and the human rights»
  3. 5110500-«Methods of teaching geography».

Magistracy specialities: