Turkic languages

1 2 - Turkic languages Dean faculty: Ph.D. docent B.A.Davletov
phone: +998(61)229-40-69
  e-mail: filologiy@ndpi.uz
web-site: filfak-ndpi.uz

Faculty has 4 doctor of science, 22 Doctors of Philosophy (PHD) and an associate professor. Among them are honored scientists and honored pupils of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan. The faculty supports cooperation in the field of science and education with universities and research institutes of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, USA, Germany and India. Many faculty members exchanged experience in abroad. The list of departments in the faculty:

  1. Karakalpak linguistics
  2. Karakalpak literature
  3. Uzbek linguistics
  4. Uzbek literature
  5. Kazakh language and literature

Bachelor’s Directions

  1. 5111300- Karakalpak language and literature
  2. 5111200- Uzbek language and literature
  3. 5111305- Kazakh language and literature
  4. 5111300- Turkmen Language and Literature

Master’s specialties

  1. 5А111201 – Uzbek language and literature
  2. 5А111301 – Karakalpak language and literature